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Piano Tuning  & Voicing at John Peters Piano Service


    Everyone knows that a piano’s tuning affects the quality of sound and the music you are playing. A skilled piano tuner's goal is to have the music sound as authentic as possible, so that an audience can hear the music the way it is meant to be heard.
    There is a difference in how music will sound depending on the environment where it is being performed. Concert tuning is one of our specialties, although the bulk of our service is for pianos in the home. We want your piano to be pitch-perfect when you utilize our tuning piano services.
    There are approximately 220 strings in your piano, so this is not an easy task to undertake. You want someone who is a musician him/her self with the years of experience necessary to achieve a professional tuning with properly set pins that will withstand vigorous playing.  
    Tension in a piano can change based on humidity, condition of the piano itself, and frequency of playing. For general usage, piano manufacturers  recommend getting your piano tuned and adjusted every six months.  Proper voicing and regulation, in addition to tuning, are essential for having your piano respond and sound the way you would like it to.